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The smarter B2B digital marketplace plus simplified e-procurement tool to Find, Engage & Manage  specialist services suppliers. 

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CircleSource is much more than just a marketplace.

Buyer / Supplier B2B Services Marketplace

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Use our advanced key word and auto search filters to find suppliers who best match the skills you are looking for.

View suggested supplier profiles and see who's most suited and recommended in the CircleSource marketplace.

Create an activity in CircleSource that specifies your requirements. Set tasks, deliverables, timing and budget for your activity.

Click to invite best matched suppliers to pitch ... anywhere anytime you are connected to the internet..

From simple one off engagements to multi task events or programs.  Manage multiple suppliers under the one activity.  

Manage all your activity discussions and documents in the one central tool. You can even assign activity administration rights to others.

At the end of each engagement both the buyer and supplier can leave an endorsement and comments.
Feedback then used by the CircleSource application to determine how each supplier trends in the marketplace.

No lock in contracts.   No subscriptions.  Free and easy to join.


For Buyers

For Suppliers

Free access to search for best matched providers across multiple fields and hundreds of specific skills.

You are in control of every step - from creating tasks, to inviting the suppliers you want to pitch with just a few clicks.

Less hassle, phone calls and emails by managing all your smaller supplier engagement activity in one easy to use platform.

See who is trending in the marketplace check out their full profile or Follow them for future reference.

Track and report all engagements linked to the people in your organisation.

Set up your free personal and business profile and be automatically matched to buyers looking for your skills and services.

Track engagements from Invited to Completed in your own personal dashboard page.

Check out the activity for similar skills and services as offered by you and see what is happening in the market.

Manage communications and document sharing in a private cloud work space for each engagement.

Receive personalised feedback on each engagement, with positive endorsements improving your rank in future search lists.

"It's like having a trusted advisor by your side who always has the right contact or connection. It is invaluable for me and my small team, it's like having the resources of a large company at your fingertips!"

Human Resources Director

“CircleSource provides an excellent option for experienced practitioners who want choice about who they work with, when they work and the type of engagement they are doing. I highly recommend the service."

MD, CEO, Executive Consultant & Coach

“I love the concept of CircleSource. It's another avenue for my personal and company brand to be noticed."

Principal HSE Recruitment Consultant


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Victoria, Australia

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CircleSource offers you a personal and business network directory, supplier services marketplace and simplifed e-procurement tool in one application.

Your Personal BUYER ProfileYour Personal SUPPLIER ProfileYour Business(es)
Your Business(es)

Immediate list of best suggested supplier matches

Skills & Services Needed

Skills & Services Available

CircleSource Application Security & Governance

Built to enterprise data standards on AWS Cloud.

Business ProfilesBusiness Profiles

Built to enterprise data standards on AWS Cloud.

  • Administrator approval to link personal and business profiles.
  • Engagement Posts can be posted privately or publically
  • Contact details hidden until engagement invite is accepted.
  • Reporting available on all personal & business engagement activity.
  • Email notifications and audit trail at each step of engagements.

Marketplaces Now Open for business!

Human CapitalStrategy & GovernanceProjects, Change & TransformationProperty & Facility Management

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Sales, Marketing & Event ManagementFinance & Commercial ManagementSupply Chain, Manufacturing & LogisticsTechnology, Digital & DataSimplified e-Procurement ApplicationData Insights & Governance ReportingPersonalised Supplier Activity Tracking Tool

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